Charlie's First Pics

Charlie John Wilkes

Charlie's First Pics

Charlie John Wilkes was born on Saturday, 7th December 2002 at 1:46am GMT and weighed 4.44 kg (9lbs 12½ozs for those who refuse to leave the steam age). Here is a pictorial record of his life so far (latest first):

Jasper's First Day at School:


Helping out at the zoo:


Latest pictures of the boys:


More pictures of Charlie with his brother Jasper:


Latest pictures of Charlie:


Earlier Pictures of Charlie:


Charlie at the races and at Legoland:


Charlie on the ball:


Selected highlights from the first few months of 2004:


Charlie on a giraffe, on the beach:


Charlie at Christmas with various grandparents:


Charlie at 1 year old:


Charlie with his new quad bike and on holiday in Center Parcs:


Charlie at 8 months


Charlie at 7 months


Charlie 4 to 5 Months Old


Charlie the Norwegian Ridgeback...


When Charlie met Munkey...


Here's a couple of him 8 weeks old in his cardigan that his Great-Nan, Edie, knitted for him:


And yet more...


Here are the first pictures of Baby Charlie, all taken in his first few weeks of life: